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  • Residential and Commercial Property Purchases and Sales

  • Landlord and Tenant Issues

  • Mortgages and re-mortgages

  • Commercial Leases

  • Purchase and Sale of Farms

  • Farm Leases and Grazing Agreements

  • Farm Transfer and Succession Planning

  • Title Issues

  • Purchase and Sale of Forestry

  • Compulsory Purchase Orders

  • Rights of Way

  • Agreements relating to public utilities on property

If you are buying or selling a house or commercial property (whether you are a first time buyer or have experience on the property market) , it’s important to know the steps involved in a property transaction.

You will also need budget for your costs and outlay, including the stamp duty and registration fees.

We offer a competitive fixed rate for the sale/purchase of a house or commercial property and advise our clients at the start of each transaction of all of the outlay that is likely to be incurred.

We will guide you through the various stages of the property transaction process whilst ensuring the legal process goes as smoothly as possible.

Peter D. Jones & Co. Solicitors



We can provide you with expert advice on all areas of Probate law and we will assist personal representatives by guiding them in administering a deceased’s estate in a timely and efficient manner when a loved one passes away.

The identity of the personal representative will depend on whether the deceased left a will and named an executor in it. If not, there are rules which govern who is entitled to act as the personal representative.

We can guide personal representatives (executors and administrators) through the administration process, assist you in identifying all relevant assets and liabilities, deal with financial intuitions and advise you, as appropriate, on potential tax liabilities and inheritance tax liability dates.

We can also advise you on potential legal claims, for example, the right of a spouse to a legal right share, the rights of a co-habitant or the rights of a child to an inheritance from a parent. We can also advise beneficiaries on their entitlements.

Peter D. Jones & Co. Solicitors




  • Drafting of Wills and Will Trusts (including discretionary and specific purpose trusts)

  • Estate Planning, including tax advise

  • Advising of the Legislative provisions in relation to spouse and children

  • Pension Considerations

  • Deeds of Family Arrangement

  • Inter-Vivos Trusts

  • Administration of Estates (testate or intestate)

  • Enduring Powers of Attorney

  • Contentious Trust and Probate issues, to include Section 117 applications

  • Advising beneficiaries and family members on Succession Rights

  • Ward of Court Applications

Our experience Probate team are here to assist you from the taking of your instructions to the drafting and execution of your Will. We will also endeavour to advise you on taxation matters in relation to your Will.

We have vast experience also in the area of Wills disputes, Wards of Court applications, Enduring Powers of Attorney and all other associated matters.

Peter D. Jones & Co. Solicitors

Employment Law


We provide advice in such matters as:

  • Unfair Dismissal

  • Discrimination and Equality Claims

  • Injunctions seeking to restrain termination of employment

  • Breach of statutory rights particularly pay cuts, lay off, annual leave and terms of employment disputes

  • Disciplinary

  • Performance Management

  • Industrial Disputes and Strikes

  • Work Related Stress issues

  • Personal Injury proceedings in work related injuries

We can assist persons with claims involving bullying at work, equality claims arising from discrimination at work, redundancy matters, or other employment law related claims.

The Workplace Relations Commission is tasked with dealing with employment law-related issues and has a number of mechanisms one can avail of to resolve an employment-related issue. Mediation can be a very effective means of resolving an issue in certain circumstances.

Peter D. Jones & Co. Solicitors

Personal Injury



  • Road traffic accidents

  • Accidents at work

  • Injuries Board applications

  • Healthcare workers – injuries at work

  • Victims of crime

  • Defamation claims

  • Post-traumatic stress

  • Employee claims

  • Public liability claims

  • Slip and fall type accidents

  • Health and safety litigation

  • Occupiers liability

  • Farm accidents

  • Accidents involving machinery

  • Supermarket accidents

Peter D Jones & Co has an excellent reputation in the area of Personal Injury Law.

 We aim to ensure that personal injury claimants achieve the best possible outcome that the law will permit. Our dedicated Solicitors make a commitment to every client to maximise their compensation, to expedite the litigation process and to act in the client’s best interests at all times.

There are strict time limits within which personal injury actions must be taken. Generally speaking, the time limit is two years but on occasion, the time limits may be shorter or longer. If you have suffered an injury, you should contact a member of our team as soon as possible.

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

Peter D. Jones & Co. Solicitors

Civil Litigation



  • Breach of Contract

  • Debt Recovery

  • Breaches of Company Laws

  • Contractual Disputes

  • Nuisance and Trespass over land

  • Property and Planning Disputes

  • Building Disputes and Defective Buildings

  • Sale of Goods and Services Disputes

  • Breaches of Planning and Environmental Law

  • Product Defect cases

  • Medical Negligence

  • Defamation

Civil Litigation is best described as a situation where an individual or business entity seeks the recourse of the legal system in non-criminal actions in law to find resolution to a problem they have encountered with another individual or business entity.

It generally involves litigation between two or more parties seeking damages or specific performance.

We have significant experience in this area and we work with established barristers and expert witnesses to help you in your case.

Peter D. Jones & Co. Solicitors

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